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Plant chemical genomics : methods and protocols / edited by Glenn R. Hicks, Department of botany and Plant Science, University of California, Riverside, CA, USA, Stéphanie Robert, Department of Forst Genetics and Plant Physiology, Umeå Plant Science Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU), Umeå, Sweden. - xi, 269 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm. - Methods in molecular biology, 1056 1064-3745 ; Springer protocols . - Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) ; volume 1056 Springer protocols (Series) .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Fully-automated Compound Screening in Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings -- Time-profiling Fluorescent Reporters in the Arabidopsis Root -- Screening for Bioactive Small Molecules by in vivo Monitoring of Luciferase-based Reporter Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana -- Application of Yeast-two Hybrid Assay to Chemical Genomic Screens: A High-throughput System to Identify Novel Molecules Modulating Plant Hormone Receptor Complexes -- High-throughput Screening of Small Molecule Libraries for Inducers of Plant Defense Responses -- Using a Reverse Genetics Approach to Investigate Small Molecule Activity -- Investigating the Phytohormone Ethylene Response Pathway by Chemical Genetics -- Screening for Inhibitors of Chloroplast Galactolipid Synthesis Acting in membrano and in Planta -- Forward Chemical Screening of Small RNA Pathways -- Identification and Use of Fluorescent Dyes for Plant Cell Wall Imaging Using High-Throughput Screening -- High-throughput Identification of Chemical Endomembrane Cycling Disruptors Utilizing Tobacco Pollen -- Plant Chemical Genomics: Gravity Sensing and Response -- Screening Chemical Libraries for Compounds that Affect Protein Sorting to the Yeast Vacuole -- The use of Multi-drug Approach to Uncover New Players of the Endomembrane System Trafficking Machinery -- Cheminformatic Analysis of High-Throughput Compound Screens -- Endomembrane Dissection Using Chemically-Induced Bioactive Clusters -- Statistical Molecular Design: A Tool to Follow Up Hits From Small Molecule Screening -- Early Stage Hit Triage for Plant Chemical Genetic Screens and Target Site Identification -- Screening for Gene Function using the FOX (Full-length cDNA OvereXpressor gene) Hunting System -- Quantification of Stable Isotope Label in Metabolites via Mass Spectrometry -- 1H NMR Based Metabolomics Methods for Chemical Genomics Experiments -- Determination of Auxin Transport Parameters on the Cellular Level -- Analyzing the in vivo Status of Exogenously Applied Auxins: A HPLC-based Method to Characterize the Intracellularly Localized Auxin Transporters.

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